Keeping You Safe While You Cook

Using a combination of patent pending technology, motion detection and wifi technology , Toch Smarturns issues alerts when a stove is unattended and becomes a fire hazard. When the Toch Smarturns intelligent knobs are turned on, information is sent to the hub immediately and a mobile notification will provide an alert that the stove is on. The motion sensor located near the stove then monitors movement in the area around the kitchen and also sends information to the hub. When the stove is on and no human movement is detected an alarm from the hub will be activated and a mobile phone notification will be simultaneously issued. These alarms will be triggered until the motion sensor detects movement in the kitchen again.

Smarturns local and remote notification options

Subscription Services
Toch Smarturns: Basic Service and Premium Service options

Basic Service is automatically available with each purchase. You will receive a free downloadable app and a single registered phone number. Phone notifications on the status of the stove will be sent to a single mobile phone, selected by the user. Additionally, the stove usage data history will be stored on a server for one month.

Premium Service enables notifications on the status of the stove to be sent to multiple phones, allowing for remote monitoring of the stove. Additionally, users will receive monthly stove usage reports, and will have on-demand  historical stove usage data. Historical data will be stored on the server for as long as requested by the user.