Technology And Design

The Hub & The Intelligent Knob

We spent countless hours making Smarturns the best-in-class and developed  a suite of patent-pending technology.


When a device is powered by a coin battery, every uA counts. If using the standard Bluetooth® stack, the CR2032 battery won’t last longer than 10 months. We challenged ourselves and developed TOCH’s own extreme low power wireless protocol, increasing the battery life to up to 4 years!*

*4 years battery life is estimated based on average household cooking usage and room temperature.

Everyone hates false alarms. Thanks to TOCH’s multi-sensors fusion technology, every Smarturns knob’s turning action is recorded accurately and instantly.


Even in extreme circumstances when the wireless signal is jammed by strong interference, the Smarturns solution will automatically recover and report missed events as soon as the interference source is removed. Unlike other wireless sensors, for example a Z-Wave® door/window sensor, when the last open/close event is missed, one will not see the correct status until next event occurs.


The first delivery of Toch Smarturns work with stoves with vertically positioned knobs. Stay tuned for product updates on Smarturns for stoves with horizontally positioned knobs.